Pas Musique, Ben Link Collins, Shaun Sandor – “Of Silence”


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 22 December 2013

Of Silence is a minimalist ambient collaboration between Pas Musique, Ben Link Collins, and Shaun Sandor. The project is heavily inspired by John Cage’s essay Silence and his (in)famous work 4’33”, which toyed with the definition of “music” as a volitional disturbance of silence. Of Silence also references famous minimalistic/avant-garde composers such as La Monte Young, Pierre Schaeffer, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Of note is Richard Chartier’s work Of Surfaces, which utilized frequencies outside of normal human hearing to provoke physiological rather than auditory reactions to the sounds played. Each artist in within the of Silence project created individual pieces (designated as the first in their respective sets) that were altered by the other collaborators, leading to a total of nine pieces based on iterations of the three original productions. The overall aesthetic is rooted in lowercase while heavily drawing from drone and digitally manipulated recordings of studio space. Low bass rumbles and high-pitched buzzing (like sand flies at night) permeate each track for an off-setting but thought-provoking experience on the role of silence in music. (Read the liner notes! They’re interesting, if pretentious, and shed more light on the project.)

Absolutely not for morning shows. Perfect for experimental/ambient shows. Out on Silent Media, Alrealon Musique, and Blondena Music.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

by Pas Musique:
1. From Silence – (5:08)
2. For Silence [reworked by Ben Link Collins] – (6:23)
3. Beyond Silence [reworked by Shaun Sandor] – (6:31)

by Ben link Collins:
4. With Silence – (6:54)
5. Without Silence [reworked by Shaun Sandor] – (7:22)
6. Within Silence [reworked by Pas Musique] – (5:40)

by Shaun Sandor:
7. In Silence – (12:28)
8. Over Silence [reworked by Pas Musique] – (6:10)
9. Near Silence [reworked by Ben Link Collins] – (9:34)

RIYL: Wyndel Hunt, William Basinski, NASA Voyager Recordings, On, Carbon Records

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