Continentrio – “Continentrio”

Continentrio - Continentrio

Tag: Medium

Release date: 14 November 2007

Brazilian Jorge Continentino’s Latin jazz ensemble Continentrio’s debut full-length self-titled album is a pretty solid release of South American Latin jazz. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Continentino is a saxophonist by trade and a strong bandleader. He pulls some impressive brass maneuvers in light jazz fusion with a strong bossa nova twist, especially in the rhythm section. Continentrio is body-moving and danceable. The group’s virtuosity is highlighted in the wind instruments on the polyphasic “Zulu” and Dave Brubeck-influenced “Resgate,” which are perfect for a classy soiree. There are some traditional Latin instruments, as seen on “Tem Japa No Forro.” The main focus of the album is on Continentino’s sax solos, of which “T.W.B.” and “Falafel” provide grand examples. Some tracks are a little too smooth jazzy for my tastes, but overall it’s a fun, light, groovy fusion album.

Wonderful for morning shows, jazz shows, and Latin music shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Play the cuts, in bold.

1. Pane – (0:47)
2. T.W.B. – (4:31)
3. Zulu – (7:15)
4. Resgate – (5:14)

5. Lucia – (6:04)
6. Falafel – (4:34)
7. Conta-Ataque – (4:32)
8. Joah’s Interlude – (0:56)
9. Liah – (6:22)
10. Tem Japa No Forro – (3:39)
11. Novas Esquinas – (4:54)
12. Xeque-Mate, Parte 1 – (3:24)
13. Xeque-Mate, Parte 2 – (3:53)

RIYL: Margo Santamaria, Airto Moreira, Forro in the Dark

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