Exhumation – “Hymn to Your God”

Exhumation - Hymn to Your God

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 5 March 2012 (original), February 2014 (reissue)

Exhumation is an Indonesian death metal band from Yogyakarta on the island of Java, and this is their 2012 debut album Hymn to Your God, reissued for Western audiences. Exhumation explores concepts of deification and omniscience; it isn’t satanic (as it death metal’s wont), but an examination of godliness. Well, perhaps it is Satan music, in the sense that Satan sounds like he’s the lead singer. The ambient interlude/title track is certainly creepy enough, with the female guest vocals sounding like a succubus. There’s also a Blasphemy cover as the final track! Hymn to Your God has thrashy riffs interspersed with heavily technical solos with doomy undertones, like Mercyful Fate. Finally, death metal that isn’t bland tritons with blast beats; Exhumation inject hot blood into the demonic melting pot of metal. Strong grooves push songs past the five-minute mark with little staleness, and the Satan vocals will grow on you. Do it, and do it hard.

Skip for morning shows, but great for Metal Madness. Out on Dunkelheit Productions.

Cuts are in bold! There is a no-play: #4.

1. All Seeing Eye – (5:07)
2. Apotheosis – (5:15)
3. Omnipotent – (4:12)
4. Parasites and Enemies – (5:06)
5. Dominion – (4:28)
6. Hymn to Your God – (2:14)
7. Ritual [Blasphemy Cover] – (3:11)

RIYL: Necrophagist, Gravehill, Death, At the Gates, Morbid Angel

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