The Cult of Dom Keller – “The Second Bardo”

The Cult of Dom Keller - The Second Bardo

Tag: Medium

Release date: 3 March 2014

The Cult of Dom Keller is a British psychedelic/progressive rock group formed in 2008 in Nottingham. The Second Bardo is their second (heh) album, which harkens back to fuzz-laden experimental rock of the early 90s, such as Flying Saucer Attack. Their Facebook bio says they’re into astral projection and black magic, and there certainly is a darker tone relative to their contemporaries; where Flying Saucer Attack was mystical, The Cult is cabalistic. There’s little gloominess here though, despite the psychedelic wash-outs; the sitar-influenced, backwards-taping “Into the Sky Volcano” is a mix of FSA’s debut album and “Don’t Stop” by The Stone Roses. Funeral dirge organs produce a canticle-like aura. There is so much fuzz. Seriously, so much goddamn fuzz. They could be The Cult of Fuzz Keller, and I mean that complimentarily – The Cult has their niche and they’ve carved it out well. There are reverberated, length passages of psychedelia, and frontman Ryan DelGuadio channels Ian Curtis in his baritone. Praise the chemical based gods.

Some work for morning shows. Out on Cardinal Fuzz.

All clean! Cuts are in bold. Morning show-appropriate have asterisks.

*1. Plague of All – (8:34)
*2. The Snake Keeps Changing – (7:02)

3. Dead Seas – (2:35)
*4. Into the Sky Volcano (Beyond Burning Skies) – (4:16)
5. Heavy and Dead [Demo Version] – (4:07)
*6. Godshaker – (5:09)
7. Ghost Bones – (3:12)
*8. The Second Bardo – (5:31)

9. Killer in My Sleep – (4:02)

RIYL: Flying Saucer Attack, Night Beats, Spaceman 3

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