Jorge Continentino – “Portrait”

Jorge Continentino - Portrait

Tag: Medium

Release date: 20 May 2005

Originally released in 2005, Portrait is Latin jazz album by Brazilian saxophonist Jorge Continentino. He’s worked with David Byrne and Mauro Refosco, playing a style of samba and forro music that incorporates Western jazz trends. There’s more fusion here than on his previous release as the bandleader of Continentrio: “Mesurashi” features a guitar solo, and the percussion is more snare-based. Continentino gets some great tenor and baritone sax workouts; he’s definitely a Coltrane fan (but then again, what saxophonist isn’t?), and some of the more impressive sax wrings are akin to A Love Supreme. But for the most part, Portrait is rather downtempo and focuses on space than chaos. It can be rather samey-sounding, but it’s not a bad release.

Great for morning shows, jazz shows, and Latin music shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Mesurashi – (7:48)
2. Contacto – (6:10)
3. Rosa dos Ventos – (6:52)
4. Connection – (8:03)
5. Playground 77 [Jazz Version] – (3:07)
6. Pesadelo – (3:20)

7. Cool was the Night – (4:20)
8. R.C.C.N.A. – (4:36)
9. Ruinas – (5:03)

10. Playground 77 [Groove Version] – (2:55)

RIYL: Continentrio, Mauro Refosco, John Coltrane, Forro in the Dark

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