Cripple Bastards – “Nero in Metastasi”

Cripple Bastards - Nero in Metastasi

Tag: Medium, Stick-to-the-cuts

Release date: 18 February 2014

Hold onto your butts, because we’ve got some grindcore here. Cripple Bastards are an Italian group, and Nero in Metastasi is their eighth album since forming in 1988. The riffs here are lightning hardcore, not metallic; Cripple Bastards are way more on the punk side of the grindcore spectrum. The screams not tortured pig squeals; Cripple Bastards’ dual-vocal Italian barking sound like a brawl between demons, and there are some cool spoken word bits. The guitars repeat a few riffs in each track, but the songs are short enough to keep from dulling out. Blink and you’ll miss the solos, but they are there and they are good. Most tracks are your standard exercises in the microsong, with a noted exception in the nine-minute epic “Splendore e Tenebra.” Sometimes end-of-the-album noise experiments fall flat on their face, but not this time, bitches! Using Cripple Bastards to teach Italian would be like using Attack on Titan to teach Japanese. This is what you’d hear on Dante Alighieri’s Pro-Wrestling 64.

Too abrasive for morning shows, but great for metal shows and maybe punk shows! Out on Relapse Records.

All clean, since it’s in Italian! Cuts are in bold.

1. Malato Terminale – (2:44)
2. Fumo Passivo – (0:58)
3. Strage di Ostacoli – (1:52)
4. Regime  Artificiale – (1:54)
5. Lapide Rimossa – (2:28)
6. Promo-Parassita – (1:24)
7. Soggeto Leucemico – (0:17)
8. Passi Falsi – (0:46)
9. Occhi Trapiantati – (3:48)
10. Anima in Disgregazione – (1:09)
11. Senza Impronte – (2:06)
12. Nemico a Terra – (2:20)
13. L’apice Estremo – (0:12)

14. Sconfito di Ritorno – (1:56)
15. Agonia di un Rientro Forzato – (2:05)
16. Marcatori Fositivi – (1:27)
17. Splendore e Tenebra – (9:02)

18. Morti Asintomatche – (0:06)

RIYL: Napalm Death, Liberteer, Pig Destroyer, The Casualties

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