Jargon Description

In lieu of giving scores or star-ratings to albums, I have chosen to give each album a “tag” that describes the conditions under which it should be played, or a generalization of its effect upon the listener.

The tags/categorizations used in Reviews For Radio are as follows:

Passing Interest – an album with a special twist or characteristic so you’ll listen for curiosity’s sake, then never touch it again
Five stars – absolutely fantastic, would recommend anything and everything about it; these albums punch you in the face with awesome
Medium – album that would appeal to a moderate listening base, play me; usually great for listeners who are already into this genre
Heavy – album that would appeal to a broad listening base, play me often; this album will help appeal to listeners who are unfamiliar with this genre
Super Spins – playing two tracks back-to-back will be more rewarding than not
Stick-to-the-cuts – features one or two really good songs on an otherwise forgettable album
Spotlight – albums with less tracks that are of good quality for playtime, but the fewer amount of tracks lowers the recommendation for repeated replayability on air so as to not overinundate listeners
Fresh Fruit – full-length albums with consistently fresh and different tracks over the entire album; usually the most consistent albums, as they’re really good at synthesizing disparate influences
eh. – an album that makes you go “eh” afterwards

Additionally, here are some radio buzzwords that are often used in reviews, in case you aren’t familiar with them:

Double-shot: playing two tracks in a row from the same album
No-Play: designates a track that is FCC inappropriate due to profanity or overtly explicit themes
Cut: a recommended or stand-out song on an album
RIYL: acronym for “Recommended If You Like”
Self-released: designates that an album was released independently by the artist(s) rather than through a record label via services like Bandcamp; most self-released albums work in conjunction with a label for physical (i.e. non-digital) releases
Spin: playing an album


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