“Legacies” Specialty Show – 30 March 2014

I haven’t done the “Legacies” show on WVFS since playing Weezer’s “Tired of Sex” from Pinkerton and being promptly called out for it by the music director in September of 2012. It’s an all singer-songwriter show that airs every Sunday from 1PM-4PM, and I thought I’d try my hand at it again now that my legacy (heh) is mostly behind me. I had several callers and requests, which was a nice surprise.

Here are some of the standout tracks from this afternoon’s show:

Linda Perhacs – “Intensity”: Linda Perhacs is perhaps best well-known from her 1970 album Parallelograms, which didn’t make a splash upon its original release but gradually became viewed as a forgotten gem of the psychedelic era. “Intensity” is a track off of her first album in almost 44 years called The Soul of All Natural Things, and my God is it beautiful. She hasn’t lost any passion in her age, and this career dental hygienist has an amazing knack for music.
Campfire OK – “My Dear Friends”: I reviewed these guys back in my first set of DJ reviews published for this site; from the album When You Have Arrived, “My Dear Friends” is a beautiful, life-affirming track of all good times in life. And that banjo lead… that shit still hits me after five months since first touching it.
John Prine – “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore”: The show accidentally (but certainly not unfortunately) turned into an exposé on faux-patriotism with this request by John Prine. Simultaneously hilarious and cringing, “Your Flag Decal…” is a biting attack on the obsessive American patriotism climate in conservative circles. I’m glad this was requested.
Nick Drake – “Three Hours”: I guess there isn’t a singer-songwriter show that would be complete without Nick Drake singing. Completely gorgeous and haunting, Drake’s guitar melodies interwoven with an orchestral string backing are quite stirring.
Kinky Friedman – “The Ballad of Ira Hayes”: More faux-patriotism talk here, and this time it’s from a relatively common folk standard by the western musician Kinky Friedman, about an Native American man who has no money, no friends, and no land; yet volunteers to set all that side to fight in WWII. He survives Iwo Jima and is honored by the President, yet returns home to find a land that is still, if not more, antagonistic towards him. The song ends with his death in a ditch as a penniless drunk. Another request.
Red House Painters – “Shadows”: So many feelings. Ugh, that piano. Off of Ocean Beach, one of my favorite folk rock/sadcore albums.
Andrew Bird – “Ethio Invention no. 1”: Honesty moment – I’d never heard Andrew Bird before now, although he’s been on my list for a long time. The EP I Want to Hear Pulaski at Night is almost all instrumental and sounds like a soundtrack to backpacking across Europe. Much recommended.

Here’s the entire set list, for those who are interested:

Linda Perhacs – “Intensity”
Big Tree – “Like a Fool”
American Music Club – “I’ve Been a Mess”
The Mountain Goats – “Harlem Roulette”
Carla Bruni – “Quelqu’un Ma Dit”
Gettysburg – “Sleep (Pt. 1)” / “Sleep (Pt. 2)”
Bob Dylan – “It’s a Hard Rain Gonna Fall”
Randall of Nazareth – “Forever Left Turns”
Campfire OK – “My Dear Friends”
Kevin Morby – “Harlem River”
John Prine – “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore”
Nathan Bowles – “Cindy” / “Ship in the Clouds”
Sundowner – “Concrete Shoes”
Nick Drake – “Three Hours”
Regina Spektor – “Us”
Land Observations – “Via Flaminia”
Kinky Friedman – “The Ballad of Ira Hayes”
Red House Painters – “Shadows”
Sun Kil Moon – “Salvador Sanchez”
Richard Buckner – “Cut”
Elliott Smith – “Pitseleh”
Bigtree Bonsai – “Back on Your Feet”
Brendan Canning – “Post Fahey”
Brianna Lea Pruett – “Under Your Wing”
Angel Olsen – “Hi-Five” / “Stars”
The Holy Modal Rounders – “Spring of ’65” / “Love Is the Closest Thing”
Andrew Bird – “Ethio Invetion no. 1”
Sea Monster – “White Whale” / “A Place So Deep”
Falling Off Maps – “Wolf River / Smoking Room”


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