Pixies – “EP2”

Pixies - EP2

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 3 January 2014

The Pixies are fucking alive on EP2! But seriously, this is such an improvement over the lackluster (heh.) EP1 from 2013. EP2’s brash alternative rock harkens back to the Doolittle era. Lyrical ambiguity permeates the album with imagery of sexuality, religion, paranoia, and moral corruption. “Magdalena” and “Greens and Blues” have a Smashing Pumpkins feeling (think Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness). The loudness war failings are still present in the extreme lack of the Pixies’ trademark spaciousness; the muffled bass is the most obvious casualty. Black Francis screams the break of “Blue-Eyed Hexe,” and the rhythm guitar of “Magdalena” chugs along against an underpinning of wah-wah/reverb pedal abuse in what is most definitely not a love song. “Greens and Blues” is sonically reminiscent of “Here Comes Your Man,” but the lyrics are cringeworthy egocentric manipulation for sexual attention from anyone who’ll stay long enough to listen. The Pixies shine brightest on “Snakes,” a paranoid’s anthemic admonishment. They’re still trying too hard to recapture their relevancy, but maybe the Pixies are onto something here.

Good for morning shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Blue-Eyed Hexe – (3:11)
2. Magdalena – (3:25)
3. Greens and Blues – (3:46)
4. Snakes – (3:45)

RIYL: Doolittle by the Pixies, The Constantines, The Smashing Pumpkins

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