Mugstar – “… Sun, Broken…” [Reissue]

Mugstar - Sun, Broken

Tag: Medium

Release date: 23 March 2010 [original], April 2014 [reissue]

Mugstar is a progressive rock band out of the UK that is heavily influenced by krautrock traipses and noise rocks expositions à la Neu! and Onedia. Their 2010 release … Sun, Broken… is an almost entirely instrumental affair: understated electronics and mathematical licks are apposed over the length of the album. Mugstar is a bit harder than most progressive bands, and they embody the aggressive tendencies of their noisier predecessors in their tempered unrestraint. The claustrophobic, squeaky space interlude of “Labrador Hatchet” would be perfect for a Kraftwerk compilation, the synthesthesia-inducing “Today is the Wrong Shape” could’ve been a Tortoise/Sonic Youth collaboration, and “She Took Away My Medicine” sounds like a bad case of r/seventhworldproblems. The squeaky clean production breaks the fourth wall like an old movie watched on HD TV (Does that make sense? It’s the best I can come up with at 12:30 on a Sunday.).  The album closes in a 14-minute epic jam session. Fun fact: Mugstar recorded the final John Peel session!

See track listing for morning shows. Out on Cardinal Fuzz.

All clean! Cuts are in bold. Morning show-appropriate have asterisks.

*1. Technical Knowledge as a Weapon – (5:46)
*2. Ouroboros – (5:54)

3. Labrador Hatchet – (2:44)
*4. Today Is the Wrong Shape – (6:17)
5. She Took Away My Medicine – (3:17)
*6. Furklasunbo – (13:44)

RIYL: Neu!, Can, Kraftwerk, Oneida, Tortoise, Sonic Youth

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