Reviews For Radio began as an amalgamation of music reviews written by Dylan Kilby, a DJ and reviewer for the college radio station WVFS Tallahassee, which is located in Tallahassee, FL and operated through Florida State University. The primary goal of Reviews For Radio is to provide reviews for radio DJs and music consumers who are making playlists. Special attention is paid to independent, small-time, or otherwise non-mainstream music. As such, some information is present here that is not included or would be unnecessary in other review aggregates, such as designating No-Plays. Likewise, Reviews For Radio does not assign star ratings or scores to reviewed albums, instead opting for descriptive tags that describe under what circumstances albums should be played.

These reviews can also be used by people who have way too much music in their libraries and want to know what songs actually warrant a listen among 7,000 others.

When reviewing albums for WVFS Tallahassee, the reviews must be able to fit within the frame of a CD cover, so the reviews here are smaller, terse, and are focused on giving clear and concise reviews in less space than the sprawling 1000-word behemoths of other reviewers. Occasionally, larger full reviews of albums will be posted as well, typically if there is a historical or defining context behind the album.

For more information, or if you would like to submit an album for review, please send an e-mail to drk09@my.fsu.edu.


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