Thee Oh Sees – “Singles Collection: Volume Three”


Tag: Heavy, Super Spins

Release date: 26 November 2013

Singles Collection: Volume Three is a compilation of vinyl-only singles, outtakes, and live sets from the prolific psychedelic/stoner garage rock band Thee Oh Sees. Frontman John Dwyer’s devil-may-care, washed-out vocals match stripped-down hazy surf riffs that are strongly influenced by his SoCal upbringing. Thee Oh Sees typically eschew verse-chorus-verse form for an eclectic, meandering song structure that occasionally borders on manic (ex: “What You Need,” “Always Flying”). They play with stereophonics a bit, and have a distinctive production style that sounds like sandy, half-blown out speakers. This compilation has its fair share of Singles-worthy material (ex: “Ugly Man,” “Girls Who Smile”), but also features several comparably experimental tracks with drop-tuned guitars (“What You Need”), spoken word (cover of Quintron’s “FB12”), 60s ba-ba-bas with sunny acoustic backings (“Wait, Let’s Go”), and echoing theremin-esque noise (“Always Flying”). The final two tracks capture the frenetic energy of Thee Oh Sees’ live shows, expanding two/three-minute songs into seven/ten-minute ear-ringingly loud rockers.

Great for morning shows. Out on Castle Face.

Have tons of fun! Cuts are in bold! There is a no-play: #6.

1. Ugly Man – (3:15)
2. Girls Who Smile – (2:15)
3. Crushed Grass [Demo Version] – (2:29)
4. Burning Spear [Sonic Youth cover] – (2:57)
5. What You Need – (4:08)

6. FB12 [Mr. Quintron cover] – (3:26)
7. Wait, Let’s Go – (3:27)
8. Always Flying – (3:06)
9. Devil Again – (2:54)
10. Block of Ice [Live at SF Eagle] – (7:33)

11. Destroyed Fortress/No Spell [Live at Death by Audio] – (10:18)

RIYL: Sonic Bloom, Ty Segall, of Montreal, The Velvet Underground

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