“Metal Madness” Specialty Show – 2 April 2014

Metal Madness is my favorite show ever on WVFS Tallahassee, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Heavy metal non-stop for four hours, from 10PM-2AM every Wednesday night. I’ve been pretty into heavy metal for a few years now and I have a pretty developed taste (or so I like to think), so this shift I specifically went through the catalogue and played music I’d never heard before. There were some exceptions – the first four tracks are all new music, and of course I’ve heard bands like Death, Mastodon, and Sleep.

Here are some highlights:

Manilla Road – “Haunted Palace”: from the reissue of Manilla Road’s 1987 album Mystification. It’s the title track, and it’s a good serving of old school thrash with occult imagery. The lead kind of has that typical mid-80s high-pitched affect, but it’s nicely pulled off.
Thou – “Feral Faun”: new music from Thou’s Heathen, and it’s awesome. Like, seriously awesome. Extremely abrasive doom metal at the highest intensity. Compare to Indian and maybe even a bit of Burning Witch.
Harvey Milk – “Motown”: one of those bands that, yes, I know I should’ve heard long ago. Deep, melodic sludge metal with a bit of a sarcastic edge, but not douchey in any way. Very much recommended for early initiates into metal.
Eagle Twin – “Carry On, King of Carrion”: did a dad come up with that song title? I dig it. Out on Southern Lord, so you know it’s fun. Low, also some easy doom metal. See a pattern here with what I like this set? Doom metal is one of my more favorite genres, but I honestly don’t know too much about it.
Summoning – “The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills”: hooooooly shit. See now, symphonic black metal has never really been my thing (I just can’t divorce the gothicness of it from 11-year old Dylan’s Evanescence binge in 7th grade), but this is a band I can really get into. No pandering here – just straight up black metal with keyboards and shit that wreck the place. Compare favorably to Tartaros and Emperor, but more melodic and ultimately more rewarding in the dynamics. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this in the future.
Shining – “The Madness and the Damage Done”: what the fuck did I just listen to? No, seriously, what the fuck did I just listen to? This is some weird, weird shit. Is this… industrial metal that doesn’t sound like Ministry? Okay, well, that’s a plus (no offense to Ministry – just all industrial metal acts really, really want to be Ministry). It’s electronic, it’s noisey, it’s some awful abuse of guitars. Kinda like Racebannon, except more electronic. Wow. I like this. I like this a lot.
The Body – “Empty Hearse”: okay seriously, now you’re just messing with me. These guys have shared the stage with Sunn O))), but instead of drone metal… I don’t even know what it is. But it’s awesome. Chants against textured and distorted guitars that never quite reach a climax (or they reach several climaxes, I dunno). It’s another weird one and I’m totally all for it.
Judas Iscariot – “Where the Winter Beats Incessant”: admittedly, I’ve heard of these guys before, but only once! More of that black metal for people who aren’t really into black metal, a la Altar of Plagues and Deafheaven. Long, drawn out, 10 and a half minute long song of crushing goodness.

Here’s the full set:

Hark – “Palendromeda”
Pilgrim – “The Paladin”
Manilla Road – “Haunted Palace”
Thou – “Feral Faun”
Trouble – “Psalm 9”
Death – “Lack of Comprehension”
Coliseum – “Isela Vega”
Trash Talk – “I Block” / “Dig”
Kaamos – “Circle of Mania”
Circle of Animals – “Lesson Human Suffering”
Suffocation – “Funeral Inception”
War – “War”
Lair of the Minotaur – “Horde of Undead Vengeance”
Velvet Cocoon – “P.S. Nautical”
Pentemple – “Pazuzu II”
Grave – “Extremely Rotten Flesh”
Harvey Milk – “Motown”
Eagle Twin – “Carry On, King of Carrion”
Mastodon – “March of the Fire Ants”
Manegarm – “Den Deddes Drommar”
Satyricon – “Filthgrinder”
Marduk – “Nowhere No-One Nothing”
Black Cobra – “Negative Rehearsal”
Sleep – “The Druid”
pg. 99 – “Comedy of Christ”
Old Man’s Child – “My Demonic Figures”
Neurosis – “The Road to Sovereignty”
Summon – “Baptized by Fire”
Summoning – “The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills”
Shining – “The Madness and the Damage Done”
Kill the Client – “No Leaders” / “Pandemic”
Broughton’s Rules – “El Indio”
Charred Walls of the Damned – “From the Abyss”
Daughters – “The Theatre Goer”
Svartahrid – “Forthcoming Storm”
Canvas – “Last Prayer for Judas”
Cavity – “Shake ’em Down”
Ghost – “Con Calvi Con Dio”
Control Denied – “What If…?”
The Body – “Empty Hearse”
Rabbits – “Burn, Sun, Burn”
Black Tusk – “Red Eyes, Black Skies”
Orthrelm – “Satrilvoithal” / “Redun3”
The Babylon Whores – “Exit Eden”
Setherial – “Shadows of the Throne”
Sepsism – “Punctured Internal Organs” / “Pathological Disfigurement”
Dismal Euphony – “Abandon” / “Cabinet Bizarre”
Herbert – “Devil’s Garden” / “The Warsong”
Judas Iscariot – “Where the Winter Beats Incessant”


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