Znth – “Yr Damned Znth”

Znth- Your Damned Zenith


Tag: Stick-to-the-cuts, Medium

Release date: 29 January 2014

Znth (pronounced “zenith”) is a five-piece indie band that originally hailed from Tallahassee, FL and NYC but is currently based in Austin, TX, and boy does it sound like it. Their album Yr Damned Znth combines the wall-of-noise shoegaze approach with the irreverent chord progressions and song structures of garage rock. Znth has more in common with British acts from the 90s and the West Coast indie vibe than most of their Austin contemporaries, especially in the slightly grungey bass-filled harmonies. The lead’s disaffected perishing alt-rock voice sounds like Mark Eitzel on Dramamine, and the guitar licks are absolutely loaded with pedals. Songs flow into each other in a full album suite, making for a nice and cohesive listen. This is mind-melting rock with a twinge of danceable 80s New Age and druggy love-making; the synths give it a Cure-esque gothic vibe. Do it, baby.

Great for morning shows. It’s self-released.

Cuts are in bold! Oh my God so many no-plays: #1, #2, #4, #7, #11.

1. Fin de Siecle – (2:50)
2. Ciccone Island – (2:18)

3. Good Evening – (2:38)
4. Don’t Go Quietly – (2:52)
5. A Mound of Ashes – (2:25)
6. Aries vs. Pisces – (2:26)
7. None the Wiser – (3:52)
8. The Quitter – (2:58)
9. Partisans – (3:11)
10. I’m Gonna Be Alright – (2:16)
11. Clusterfuck – (3:56)

RIYL: Pavement, Catherine Wheel, The Cure, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

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