We Are Scientists – “TV en Français”

We Are Scientists - TV en Francais


Tag: Heavy, Fresh Fruit

Release date: 3 March 2014

Oh man oh man, this is so New York City and I’m not even sorry. TV en Français is the fifth full-length belief by Brooklynites We Are Scientists, and it is a damn good time. Idiosyncratic chord shifts, awkward male tenor vocals (now with reverb!), and a dance-punk bounciness that simply can’t be found anywhere other than the Big Apple. Keith Murray’s ringing guitar leads are so infectious, and the trio’s seemless power pop songwriting feels no way forced. At ten songs, this is all killer and absolutely no filler. The major theme of this album is the ambiguity of personal relationships: is that lovey-doveyness on “Courage” and a nasty break-up on “What You Do Best”? Especially hard hitting is “Take an Arrow,” which deconstructs and pokes at the staple music cliché of doing any desperate thing to prove self-worth to a lover (take a hint, Bruno Mars); even though Murray will just “keep saying these stupid words” regardless of how the object of his affection feels, he would “take an arrow / any way, any day now” to prove himself. The dance breakdown on “Overreacting” – be still my heart! I have so many feelings. TV en Français is further proof that the Northeast is the capital of indie rock, and for good reason too.

Abso-fucking-lutely do this for morning shows. It’s out on Dine Alone Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold, but really play anything.

1. What You Do Best – (3:21)
2. Dumb Luck – (2:41)
3. Make It Easy – (4:25)

4. Sprinkles – (3:47)
5. Courage – (2:28)
6. Overreacting – (3:36)
7. Return the Favor – (3:13)
8. Slow Down – (3:25)

9. Don’t Blow It – (3:54)
10. Take an Arrow – (3:39)

RIYL: Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem, Skaters, Los Campesinos!

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