Teach Me Equals – “Live and Alternative Mixes”

Teach Me Equals - Live and Alternative Mixes


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Release date: n/a

Teach Me Equals is an experimental art/art rock/baroque pop group comprised of Erin Murphy and Greg Bortnichak, based out of their respective hometowns of Sarasota, FL and Philadelphia, PA. The specially-arranged tour CD Teach Me Equals: Live and Alternative Mixes, 2013 contains recordings from a live show in Kansas City, MO and alternative versions of tracks for their as of March 2014 unreleased debut album. They’re called “scrape rock” from a joke made by a radio host about the scraping sound of Bortnichak’s cello against Murphy’s guitar. Bortnichak’s whispery bass voice compliments Murphy’s considerably more prominent alto croon. Teach Me Equals augments their sound through loop pedals, similar to Zoë Keating; it adds post-classical flair by allowing songs to build on their own much in the way that a jazz soloist weaves in and out of an established rhythmic phrase. This belies a decidedly non-classical, almost hard alternative influence. The passion is palpable, and it’s easy to imagine Murphy contorting her face as she twists her voice in the style of Beth Gibbons. There are happy, upbeat moments, as in “Dictionary of Imaginary Places” and the remix of “More Where That Came From.” Teach Me Equals is for the nightlight, not the daylight, and will reward as such.

Skip for morning shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Lullaby for Piano [Kansas City, MO] – (4:07)
2. As the Crow Flies [Kansas City, MO] – (5:47)
3. Swallow the Smoke [Kansas City, MO] – (4:54)

4. Red, Royal [Kansas City, MO] – (3:19)
5. More Where That Came From [Kansas City, MO] – (5:26)
6. Dictionary of Imaginary Places [Alternative Mix] – (3:29)
7. As the Crow Flies [Alternative Mix] – (5:43)
8. Swallow the Smoke [Alternative Mix] – (4:54)
9. More Where That Came From [Made in 1985 Remix] – (3:53)

RIYL: Owen Pallett, Rachel’s, Zoë Keating, The Divine Comedy

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