Stanley Schumacher – “No Technique”

Stanley Schumacher - No Technique


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 6 December 2013

Stanley Schumacher (pronounced “shoemaker”) has quite a repertoire: jazz trombonist and improvisational music theorist, doctorate of music theory from the Ohio State University, director of the Music Now Ensemble, and founder of Musicmacher Productions. No Technique is part of Schumacher’s New Composition Series on freeform and contemporary art music in jazz. Six trombones create a rolling epic composition of avant-garde jazz. It’s extremely spacious, borderlining empty – there are no noticeable rhythms, just trombones and the ambiance of recorded space. The composition is 21 minutes, but this CD version is 42 minutes, with the second set being a retrograde of the first. Each phrase (from what I can distinguish) is a six-minute section of music that is repeated and overlapped several times. All trombone parts were played by David Taylor, a Julliard graduate whose résumé includes Leopold Stokowski’s American Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. I’ve never listened to virtuosic trombone before, but this is probably what it sounds like.

Not even close for morning shows. Play on jazz shows. Out on Musicmacher Productions.

Play whatever you want on the 42-minute track; Schumacher himself has stated that segmentation can start and stop wherever in the composition.

1. No Technique – (42:00)

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