For a Minor Reflection – “Live at Iceland Airwaves”

For a Minor Reflection - Live at Iceland Airwaves


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 4 November 2013

For a Minor Reflection should fill your Icelandic post-rock cravings before the next Sigur Rós album. Live at Iceland Airwaves consists of a full live set recorded on 2 November 2012 at Iceland Airwaves, a music festival held in Reykjavík, Iceland. It’s all instrumental and plays like a thrashier Sigur Rós (with whom the band is good friends), but retains the rich pastorality of Caspian and Explosions in the Sky. There’s the characteristic post-rock instruments of piano, strings, and tremolo-picked guitars, but For a Minor Reflection also features a brass section! It actually works out pretty well for these guys; post-rock has had such little newness over the past half-decade that the addition of trombone and trumpet into the fray is welcome, as are the more intense (relatively speaking) guitars. There’s a watery, flowing beauty that occasionally recalls Radiohead’s In Rainbows, especially in the arpeggios on “Recite.” For a Minor Reflection thankfully avoid self-indulgence; there’s only one song that passes the six-minute mark. It’s pretty and life-affirming, making a good end to your night or start to your morning.

Great for morning shows. Out on Reservoir Media.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Kastljos – (4:14)
2. Recite – (4:54)
3. Dansi Dans – (3:06)
4. Impulse – (5:38)

5. Siamust i Virginiu – (12:41)

RIYL: Sigur Rós, maybeshewill, Explosions in the Sky, Caspian, El Ten Eleven, In Rainbows by Radiohead

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