Early Morning Rebel – “Life Boat” [EP]

Early Morning Rebel - Early Morning Rebel


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 29 April 2014

It’s so tempting to make fun of this album for its faux-artsy album front and back sleeves of a topless woman, but I’ll be damned if Life Boat EP isn’t an honest, beautiful release that has few of the shortcomings which its sleeve belies. Duo Nathan Blumenfeld-James and Dustin Bath have been friends since they were 14 and founded Early Morning Rebel just a few years back – they call themselves “noir pop,” which isn’t too far off the mark. Icy synthesizers mark pop backbeats with a slight R&B texture and perishing alt-rock voice by singer Blumenfeld-James. Thee’s a pensive, rich production style; I just can’t get the image of a good piece of dark chocolate out of my head. Life Boat EP has this aura of classy darkness, like the smokiness associated with fun nighttime activities. “Life Boat” appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and was released as a single in 2013, but it didn’t really have any splash. Its remix is quite enjoyable and very much party-appropriate. “Shallow Breath” was inspired by The Smiths, for what it’s worth. This seductive release is certainly worth checking out.

See track listing for morning shows. Out on Baby Bird Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold, morning show-appropriate have asterisks.

1. Life Boat – (3:03)
2. Shallow Breath – (4:18)
*3. Howl at the Moon – (3:40)
4. War on Love – (2:59)
*5. Burn Us Down – (3:43)

6. Four-Letter Word – (3:26)
*7. Life Boat [TC Spitfire Remix] – (3:01)

RIYL: Night Jewel, Keane, late-80s U2

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