Cross My Heart Hope to Die – “Cross My Heart Hope to Die” [EP]

Cross My Heart Hope to Die - Cross My Heart Hope to Die

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 2 April 2013

Trip-hop is a dying genre. The progenitors – Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, DJ Shadow – are either rehashing the same shit they made a decade and a half ago or have entirely removed themselves from the game. Cross My Heart Hope to Die breathes some much-needed new life back into the genre on their debut self-titled EP. It’s all there, folks: minor strings, hard-hitting backbeats, and dark/psychedelic bass. There are some seductively smokey R&B vocals by guest collaborator Brevi. She absolutely owns female sexuality! The chopped and screwed, slowed-down guitar backing on “lover” creates this 60s spy film soundtrack feeling à la Dummy by Portishead. This is waiting room music at the BDSM club. Now if you excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk.

Too dark for morning shows, but oh my God play this on party shows. It’s self-released.

Have fun! Remember: handcuffs cut off circulation, even fuzzy ones; use some ties from Goodwill instead. Cuts are in bold. No-play: #1.

1. Wild Side – (3:54)
2. Miracles – (4:07)
3. Lover – (3:59)
4. Roller Coasting – (4:32)

RIYL: Maxinquaye by Tricky, Dummy by Portishead, Mezzanine by Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, UNKLE

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