Comeback Kid – “Die Knowing”

Comeback Kid - Die Knowing


Tag: Medium

Release date: 4 March 2014

Now I know that “hardcore” has become a dirty word lately. The epithet now refers to pretty much any band that can half-belt a scream, play two or three riffs really fast, and wear way too much tight clothing (looking at you, A Day to Remember). But here’s a band that shows us that such a term actually meant something once: Canadian punk outfit Comeback Kid’s 2014 release Die Knowing is fast and furious melodic hardcore with songs that start and end in the blink of an eye. Die Knowing begins with a foreboding rhythm guitar that aptly depicts the ferocity inside; Comeback Kid’s enmity for all things wrong in the world is akin to the metalcore of Shai Hulud and Converge’s Petitioning the Empty Sky. The album is extremely fast-paced; only three songs out of the twelve pass the three-minute mark. Lyrics call back to the early/mid-00s emotional hardcore trend; think Modern Life Is War. Some of the more emotional lyrics are a little flat, but high school me would’ve fallen for them. You can practically see the veins bulge on frontman Andrew Neufeld’s neck whenever he opens his mouth, and there’s even a guest appearance by former lead vocalist Scott Wade! Man, it is refreshing to hear some good ole scream-along punk. Play this for the angriest two minutes of your shift.

Great for morning shows and punk shows. Out on Victory Records.

Cuts are in bold! There is a no-play: #5.

1. Die Knowing – (2:13)
2. Lower the Line – (2:43)
3. Wasted Arrows – (2:59)
4. Losing Sleep – (2:40)

5. I Should Know Better – (2:24)
6. I Depend, I Control – (1:38)
7. Somewhere in This Miserable… – (2:46)
8. Beyond – (2:11)
9. Unconditional – (3:21)
10. Didn’t Even Mind – (3:28)
11. Full Swing (feat. Scott Wade) – (1:56)
12. Sink In – (4:06)

RIYL: Modern Life Is War, Shai Hulud, Dischord Records, Every Time I Die, Strike Anywhere, Petitioning the Empty Sky by Converge

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