New War – “New War”

New War - New War


Tag: Heavy, Five Stars, Fresh Fruit

Release date: 25 November 2013

The bleak, nihilistic self-titled debut of post-punk band New War is an exercise in anarchy. Comparisons of the Melbourne, Australia four-piece to post-punk legends PiL, Swans, and The Fall are not without merit; the group’s brooding synthpunk assault is a sheer attack on the consciousness. There are no guitars on this album: just ear-ringing keyboards, menacing percussion, extremely heavy bass, and other studio tricks. There’s a twisted, perverse sexuality present (as seen in the stalker-obsessive “Revealer”) and a sense of musical apostasy. The spidery drum solo on “Ghostwalking” is forebodingly skeletal, and the shorter “Slim Dandy” collapses into a chaotic orgy of sound that culminates in a bloodcurdling scream in vein of “Frankie Teardrop” by Suicide. The spoken word drone-influenced hidden track is the perfect ending to the album. Everything just feels wrong here, and that’s what’s so right about it.

Too dissonant, so not for morning shows. Out on All Tomorrow’s Parties.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Game of Love – (4:02)
2. Revealer – (5:19)
3. Ghostwalking – (8:35)
4. Felt Like a Memory – (4:44)
5. Slim Dandy – (4:14)

6. Calling from the Inside – (7:12)
7. Black Site Cantos – (3:47)
8. Wish List – (3:26)
9. Josef’s Hands – (0:00-8:15); Hidden Track – (18:20-21:52)

RIYL: Public Image Ltd., early Swans, Suicide, The Fall, Like Like The The The Death, Joy Division, Magazine

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