The Hidden Cameras – “Age”

The Hidden Cameras - Age


Tag: Medium

Release date: 27 January 2014

Joel Gibb’s baroque pop collective The Hidden Cameras is back for its sixth full-length release, Age. As on previous albums, Age mixes idiosyncratic indie rock song structures with theatric classical elements fit for a Broadway musical. Gibb’s rounded (perhaps even operatic) vocal style is instantly recognizable and shares kinship with fellow Canadian Owen Pallett. Also like Pallett, Gibb explores homosexuality in a highly metaphorical, storytelling way, as revealed by the homoerotic (and slightly surreal) album cover. Gibb’s songs paint vignettes of everyday absurdities and silliness, as seen in “Bread for Brat” and “Doom.” There’s a strong new wave influence in the drum machine rhythms, hard electronic backings, and danceable gothic melodies, especially on “Gay Goth Scene” and “Carpe Jugular.” Age is hedonistic in ways that contemporaries don’t usually touch, as seen in the drunken, masochistic haze of the dub-influenced “Afterparty.” It’s not all puerile though; there are moments of genuineness and emotional maturity, such as on the beautiful “Ordinary Over You.” A graceful piano and arpeggiating guitar lead the closer “Year of the Spawn,” which climaxes with a violin bridge and Gibb’s croon-turned-scream. Age is an album about coming into your own on your own terms, after everyone said you already should’ve. Because screw those people.

Most are great for morning shows, and some are good for party shows. Released via Evil Evil.

All clean! Cuts are in bold. Morning show tracks have asterisks. Party tracks have carats (^).

^*1. Skin and Leather – (4:47)
*2. Bread for Brat – (2:46)
*3. Doom – (4:16)
^*4. Gay Goth Scene – (4:54)
5. Afterparty – (6:11)
^*6. Carpe Jugular – (4:51)
7. Ordinary Over You – (2:18)
8. Year of the Spawn – (4:48)

RIYL: Owen Pallett, Beirut, Little Suns, The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk

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