PyPy – “Pagan Day”

PyPy - Pagan Day


Tag: Medium

Release date: 11 February 2014

What does Québécois band PyPy (pronounced “pie-pie”) have to offer on their debut Pagan Day, apart from the greatest cover art that I’ve seen in months? Bass-heavy guitar freak-outs akin to Killing Joke and Gang of Four, for starters. PyPy was formed by four members of several Montreal groups, such as Red Mass and Duchess Says. Their influences are The Breakfast Club and LSD, which pretty much sums it up. They’ve got a no wave dance-punk rhythm (wow such echo chamber) that’s complimented by the addled, nonsensical delivery of frontwoman Annie-Claude Deschêne. Riffs trail off and go wherever the fuck they’re feeling at that particular moment. A Frippertronics solo/intro on “Daffodils” dives into tremolo madness, and the psych-rocker “She’s Gone” rivals anything that Thee Oh Sees have recently put out. At seven tracks, it’s way too short and begs for more; I’m not entirely sure why they put “Ya Ya Ya” and “Psychedelic Overlords” on one track. But hey, it’s a rockin’ good time, and I totally hope for more.

Great for morning shows, and maybe even punk shows. Out on Slovenly Recordings.

Play anything that isn’t a no-play: #5, #7.

1. Pagan Day – (4:10)
2. New York – (4:21)
3. Molly – (3:14)
4. Daffodils – (5:14)
5. Too Much Cocaine – (4:12)
6. She’s Gone – (5:34)
7. Ya Ya Ya/Psychedelic Overlords – (4:57)

RIYL: Liquid Liquid, MSG, Thee Oh Sees, The Slits

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