Money for Rope – “Money for Rope”

Money for Rope - Money for Rope

Tag: Medium

Release date: 16 November 2012

Melbourne, Australia six-piece Money for Rope serve up an album of rough-housing alternative rock on their debut self-titled full-length. They’ve got a dancey, bouncey groove goin’ on the whole album, playing a kind of down-and-dirty folk-influenced rock. An oily Hammond organ lines some of the better tracks, such as “You’ll Be Gone” and “Hang ‘Em High.” It’s got a bit of electric folk flair and early surf rock vibe, especially in “Ten Times”. They’ve got two drummers, but there isn’t much interplay other than a few DJ Shadow-esque backbeats and some double-tracking. There are lots of call-and-response choruses that invite you to shout along. Jules McKenzie has a slight Bono edge to his voice, and honestly, it works out quite well for this act. Hey, a half-drunken brass solo on “Since I Left.” Sweeeeeet. Spin this for a good time.

Great for morning shows. It’s self-released.

Cuts are in bold! There is a no-play: #4.

1. Common Man – (4:17)
2. Been in the Wars – (4:44)
3. You’ll Be Gone – (5:24)
4. Misery Lane – (3:26)
5. Ten Times – (2:13)
6. Hang ‘Em High – (3:20)

7. Sail Past Your House – (3:24)
8. Since I Left – (5:51)
9. Easy Way Out – (4:53)

RIYL: The Meanies, Steely Dan, Bob Dylan’s electric stuff, The Constantines

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