Las Cafeteras – “It’s Time”

Las Cafeteras - It's Time

Tag: Heavy, Five Stars

Release date: 30 October 2012

It’s Time is the debut studio album from East Los Angeles Afro-Hispanic ensemble Las Cafeteras. They play a distinct style of Chicano music with a mixture of hip-hop, spoken word, and the Son Jarocho style of Mexican folk music originating from Veracruz. Members Annette Torres, Denise Carlos, Hector Flores, and Leah Gallegos perform the zapateados, which is a form of percussive dancing from Mexico akin to American tap dancing and Spanish flamenco. Las Cafeteras’ voices are strikingly powerful, and the emotion is palpable; rarely have I been so viscerally moved when listening to music. The intensely political lyrics espouse female empowerment, the Civil Rights movement, and life as disenfranchised minorities in LA. The Afro-Caribbean marimbol and cajón make an appearance, and there’s a remake of Ritchie Valens’s “La Bamba” titled “La Bamba Rebelde.” The group got their namesake from the Eastside Café at which they attended workshops; they took “Las Cafeteras” in the feminine instead of the masculine “Los Cafeteros” to honor women. Now that’s badass. This is beautiful, powerful music for the independent spirit in all of us.

Great for morning shows and Latin music shows. Out on Las Cafeteras Music.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. El Chuchumbe – (3:28)
2. Café Con Pan – (4:25)
3. Luna Lovers – (5:18)
4. El Zapateado – (4:07)
5. Ya Me Voy – (4:58)
6. It’s Movement Time – (3:26)
7. La Bamba Rebelde – (5:23)

8. La Peterna – (6:12)
9. Mujer Soy – (4:59)
10. Trabajador Trabajadora – (10:20)

RIYL: Ritchie Valens, Freshman Records, flamenco music

After reading these articles, Las Cafeteras seems like a group of genuinely fantastic people.

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