Grizfolk – “From the Spark” [EP]

Grizfolk - From the Spark


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 25 February 2014

It’s hard to describe an album that’s uplifting and positive without making it yet another indie cliché. Swedes Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze teamed up with three Americans to merge Swedish electronic music with West Coast indie rock on Grizfolk’s debut EP, From the Spark. Grizfolk is one of the few synth-pop acts whom I’d call “epic” in their approach to instrumentals; everything is rich, full, and extremely lively. Listen to this with the stereo up – it’ll be hard not to dance along in the DJ booth with the pulsating bass and electro-piano melody leads in your ears. There are plenty of “oh oh oh”s and life-affirming lyrics: “Sneakin’ round through the cracks / Doubling up the stacks / He said if God lives by the gun / I’ll show the world a little more love.” Damn. I’ll take that. Grizfolk embodies the infectious attitude and joy of life shared by bands Los Campesinos! and Whales in Cubicles. They really don’t add anything new to the mix, but man, they’re having such a good time and it’s hard not to feed off that.

Great for morning shows. Out on Virgin Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Hymnals – (3:14)
2. The Struggle – (3:32)

3. Vagabonds – (3:18)
4. Waiting for You – (3:57)

RIYL: Los Campesinos!, Whales in Cubicles, Swedish House Kings, Chad Valley, Solar Twins

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