Deathly the Dog – “Horsefly” [EP]

Deathly the Dog - Horsefly

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 1 February 2014

From Johnson City, TN, Deathly the Dog play punk rock in the style of early-90s West Coast bands on their EP Horsefly. The double-tracked vocals aren’t so much yelled as much as said really, really loud (does that make sense?). The amped-up, cacophonous, faintly dissonant guitars change up movements several times in each two-/three-minute song! Deathly the Dog has an irreverent attitude toward songwriting that is not unlike 60s/70s garage rock bands. They embody the angular “post-” aesthetic espoused by hardcore bands such as At the Drive-In and Fugazi.  The stream-of-consciousness lyrics are entertaining and appealing in a schizoid way. Play this up.

Good for morning shows and punk shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Cuts are in bold!

1. Gasmask – (2:07)
2. Spider Bite – (3:01)
3. Eraser – (2:16)
4. Sanitizer – (1:49)
5. Undone – (3:07)
6. Gelatin – (2:35)

RIYL: At the Drive-In, Fugazi, Death from Above 1979, Parquet Courts

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