Breton – “War Room Stories”

Breton - War Room Stories


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 3 February 2014

Whereas electropop group Breton’s first album Other People’s Problems was heavily influenced by American dubstep, their second full-length War Room Stories is considerably more indie-electronica influenced, and to great effect. The London boys create shimmering, luxurious pop soundscapes that range from the cinematic “Closed Category” to the hard-edged “Legs & Arms” that recalls their hip-hop roots. Percussion doesn’t exist just for hard beats; it’s as much temperament as it is metronome. War Room Stories is spacious compared to Breton’s debut: good-bye fuzzy, spazzed out electronics; hello steel drums, electric pianos, and violin strings. This is club music for sure, but it’s also for those late nights with headphones on, where nothing exists but you, the music, and the infinite.

Great for morning shows and party shows. Out on Believe Recordings.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Envy – (3:26)
2. S4 – (5:25)
3. Legs & Arms – (3:06)
4. Got Well Soon – (4:48)
5. Closed Category – (4:20)
6. National Grid – (3:52)
7. Search Party – (3:42)
8. 302 Watchtowers – (3:25)
9. Brothers – (4:23)
10. Fifteen Minutes – (3:58)

RIYL: Jamie xx, Daft Punk, The Moth & The Flame

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