Book-Burners – “People’s Songs”

Book-burners - People's Songs

Tag: Stick-to-the-cuts, eh.

Release date: 29 October 2013

Book-Burners are a Chicago five-piece, whose debut People’s Songs tread the folk punk ground that’s familiar to fans of early Against Me! and Social Distortion. Rather than embrace the rawness of their predecessors, Book-Burners opt for a clean production on People’s Songs, which detracts a bit. Lead vocalist Brad Weissenberger’s meandering singing/speaking style isn’t anything new, but it could easily be heard from a soapbox in Portage Park. The longer songs and ballads (e.g. “Complications”) build up but don’t really go anywhere; stay with the short melodic punk/garage-ish rock songs. People’s Songs might be attractive to some punk fans, as it does have that quick and dirty appeal. Otherwise, stick to the cuts on this one.

Good for morning shows, maybe punk shows? Out on Latest Flame.

Once again, stick to the cuts. They’re in bold.

1. Quick – (2:54)
2. Watch What They Say About You – (2:38)
3. Who Are You, My Darling? – (2:14)
4. Come Home – (3:39)
5.Complications – (3:27)
6. Fireman – (1:17)
7. Keep Them Off Me – (2:55)
8. A Kind and Gentle Man – (3:40)
9. Who Are You to Say? – (3:43)
10. Sidesteppers – (2:47)

RIYL: Social Distortion, Against Me!, Guided by Voices, R.E.M.

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