Lucifer’s Hammer – “Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII)”

Lucifer's Hammer - Night Sacrifice Demo - 16 March 2014

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 7 January 2014

Is it Halloween yet? No? Fuck. Chilean heavy metal two-piece Lucifer’s Hammer might fool you otherwise on their debut EP Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII), which sounds like classic NWOBHM that could’ve easily seen a release in the early 1980s. Doomy, occult-inspired imagery abounds! Guitarist/Vocalist Hades’ nasal singing has a low diffusion reverb that sounds like he’s playing to an amphitheatre of death. His awesomely powerful guitar solos conjure images of dangerous beasts, pagan rituals, and arcane knowledge – think early Iron Maiden with the ambiance of King Crimson. The production jumps around a bit (watch that volume drop around 0:40 on the title track), but I’ll give Lucifer’s Hammer credit for making what’s mostly a smoothly self-produced work.

This is a good bit of metal for morning shows/metal shows, and it will be great in the fall. Courtesy of Shadow Kingdom Records.

All clean! Play any!

1. Wolf – (4:16)
2. Shadows – (5:20)
3. Night Sacrifice – (4:54)

RIYL: Iron Maiden, Wolf, King Crimson, Mercyful Fate, The Sword

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