Brianna Lea Pruett – “Gypsy Bells”

Brianna Lea Pruett - Gypsy Bells

Tag: Medium

Release date: 1 October 2014

*Please read: the word “gypsy” is considered a racial slur by the Roma population. Refer to this album as G-Bells out of respect.

Californian Brianna Lea Pruett composed and performed entirely by herself on the gorgeous folk rock/acoustic album Gypsy Bells. Her airy, affected voice overlays delicate fingerpicked guitar arrangements, with appearances made by lap-steel guitar, wood flute, and piano. Pruett’s stories about love, sacrifice, and the scariness of adolescence recall Nick Drake in their fragility. Her unique enunciations belie her Native American roots, which add a layer of intimacy to the already confidential songs. There are Appalachian melodies that will be familiar to fans of Joanna Newsom, as per Pruett’s upbringing in North Carolina. Gypsy Bells is tender but certainly not dainty; there’s an underlying pervasiveness in her stories, giving an emotional strength not unlike tears in rain.

Some work for morning shows. Perfect for singer-songwriter shows. Out on Canyon Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold. Caffeine-appropriate have asterisks. No-play: #4.

1. No Diamond Ring – (3:31)
*2. New Life – (3:10)
*3. Seeds of Love – (3:51)
4. Gypsy Bells – (3:05)
5. Sun on the Mountain – (4:14)
6. Shine for You – (2:43)

7. Marry that Boy – (3:08)
*8. Love My Free – (3:47)
*9. It’s All Right – (2:56)
10. Red Jacket – (3:29)
11. Under Your Wing – (3:43)
12. Live Wire – (3:15)

RIYL: Nick Drake, Mark Kozelek, Joanna Newsom, Elliott Smith

External links:—gypsy-bells.html



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