Various Artists – “Wayfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles”

Wayfaring Strangers - Darkscorch Canticles

Tag: Heavy, Fresh Fruit, Five Stars, Super Spins

Release date: 4 March 2014

Hold the goddamn phone kids, because this is the best reissue of 2014 thus far. Record label The Numero Group specializes in collecting and reissuing rare or previously unsuccessful albums; their Wayfaring Strangers series presents early rock and folk music typically given limited or private runs. Wayfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Chronicles is a compilation of obscure American classic heavy metal from the 1970s, when metal was still firmly in the hazy psychedelic, murky underground. This is as fantastic and relevant as the Nuggets compilation. Since it’s the 70s, Beatles harmonies, Doors progressions, and Black Sabbath blues riffs are everywhere (see “Twelve O’Clock Satanial” for all three at the same time). Drug references run amok (just look at all the bands with “stone” in their name). What’s pretty cool is the sheer enormity of LOTR references; apparently Satan and Sauron partied together back in their crazy college days. Speaking of which, there’s enough Satan – oh man, so much Satan – and witches gathering at black masses for any heavy metal enthusiast. There are some original experiments with phasing, reverb, and wah-wah; occasionally sci-fi sound effects are thrown into the mix, like on the closer “Cry for the Newborn.” All tracks were given the Numero Group shine, perfectly cleaning the original records without sacrificing any fidelity for the sake of loudness. Doubleshot the absolute hell out of this compilation.

Perfect for morning shows and older music shows! Brought to you by The Numero Group.

All clean! Cuts are in bold! Seriously, doubleshot this baby.

1. Air – Twelve O’Clock Satanial – (3:23)
2. Wrath – Warlord – (3:57)
3. Stonehenge – King of the Golden Hall – (2:49)

4. Triton Warrior – Sealed in a Grave – (4:35)
5. Junction – Sorceror – (2:44)
6. Stone Axe – Slave of Fear – (4:48)
7. Wizard – Séance – (3:46)
8. Stoned Mace – Tasmania – (3:40)
9. Arrogance – Black Death – (3:19)
10. Sonaura – Song of Sauron – (3:00
11. Dark Star – Spectre – (3:12)
12. Inside – Wizzard King – (2:03)
13. Space Rock – Dark Days – (4:11)
14. Medusa – Black Wizard – (6:08)
15. Gorgon Medusa – Sweet Child – (4:37)
16. Hellstrom – Cry for the Newborn – (6:08)

RIYL: Cream, Black Sabbath, Nuggets, The Doors

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