The Rebel Set – “How to Make a Monster!”

The Rebel Set - How to Make a Monster!

Tag: Stick-to-the-cuts

Release date: 21 January 2014

You know what the world needs? More surf music. Seriously dudes, it’s been, like, forty-something years since Dick Dale came on the scene and twenty-something years since Pulp Fiction (for those of you reading this review in ten years: yes, I am that old). The Rebel Set like chilling at divey beach bars, going to the local 7-11, and drinking martinis with those cute little umbrellas. How to Make a Monster! is fast, loud, and sandy – you know, surf rock. Hey look, they even have keyboards! And they actually sound pretty good! In that wall-of-sound/live-band-in-the-background way! The songs hover around the two and a half minute mark; no crazy instrumentals here, it’s all short and to-the-point. These guys could’ve been cut and pasted straight from the 70s with no problem. The lead singer’s kinda got this fuzz on the mic. It’s not hot (more comparable to a warm soda), and gets super repetitive super fast, but for some quick shots it’s pretty doable. Perfect for when the next polar vortex hits so you can remind yourself that you live in Florida.

Good for morning shows. Out on Burger Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Riddle Me This – (2:49)
2. Monster – (2:06)

3. New Rope – (1:55)
4. Bubblegum – (2:39)
5. Dropout – (2:31)
6. Planet Katey – (2:33)
7. Ghost Writer – (2:56)
8. Outta My Mind – (2:51)
9. Back In Town – (2:25)
10. Old Heart – (3:00)
11. Just a Rumor – (1:51)
12. It’s Enough – (2:33)

Riyl: Agent Orange, Warm Soda, Dick Dale, The Last, Wavves

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