Spewtilator – “Goathrower [EP]”

Spewtilator - Goathrower


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 14 February 2014

Spewtilator is a three-piece deathgrind band out of Atlanta, GA, whose bio says they’re “getting sweet [and] playing fast.” The Goathrower EP can be described as (warning: I’m gonna invent some genres here) vomitcore, stonergrind, and beerthrash. Heh, “beerthrash.” I’m proud of that one. Anyway, this EP is all purposely gross and ridiculous (the band is called Spewtilator, for chrissake), but not misanthropic. They just wanna party, get drugs, or do both! Hell, their music is tagged as “beer” on the press release. They’ve got a dual-vocal style attack with high-pitch screamed traded off with growled vocals. There’s some serious desert metal influence on the title track, and that solo, my friends… That solo is frickin’ great. The Goathrower EP is all fun times hardcore thriffs with some tech death thrown in. Play it to get back on that little shit of a friend you have who always insists on drinking too much at your parties and throwing up in your bathroom.

Too much for Caffeine. Out on Boris Records.

Cuts are in bold! There are no-plays: #3, #5.

1. Goathrower – (3:10)
2. Chrokee Curse – (2:12)

3. Cave of Hatred – (0:28)
4. Afterworld Inebriation – (2:23)
5. Let’s Get Drugs [Zeke Cover] – (0:54)

RIYL: Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse, Liberteer, Zeke, Napalm Death

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