Various Artists – “Warfare Noise”

Various Artist - Warfare Noise

Tag: Medium

Release date: 18 February 2014


Originally released in 1986, Warfare Noise compiled nine tracks from four progenitors of Brazilian extreme metal, stylized as the four horseman of the apocalypse on the cover. This is punishingly misanthropic and Satanic – at times more so than can be played on air. Chakal’s tortured bark is a forbearer of the black metal shriek and serves up fresh thrash-style tremolo picking. Mutilator has a savage black/death vibe with growls and blast-beat percussion. Sarcófago were perhaps the most “successful” of the four. (Fun fact: lead singer Wagner Lamounier was the original lead singer of Sepultura and is a professor of applied statistics!). They’re strongly anti-Christian, with harsh hyperspeed death metal growls and high-pitched screams. Finally, Holocausto plays a rather typical high-speed thrash/death combination, with lyrics describing nuclear destruction, wartorn dystopias, and the evils of past dictators. The historical value of Warfare Noise cannot be overstated – these bands were the originals in all their muddled, fiery power.

Amazing for throwback/historical shows and metal show. Do not play on Caffeine-a-Go-Go. Re-released via Greyhaze Records.

Cuts are in bold! No-plays: #2, #5, #6.

1. Cursed Cross – (5:48)

2. Mr. Jesus Christ – (4:43)

3. Believers of Hell – (2:57)

4. Nuclear Holocaust – (3:30)

5. Recrucify – (2:33)
6. The Black Vomit – (2:21)
7. Satanas – (2:03)

8. Destruição Nuclear – (3:20)
9. Escarro Napalm – (3:11)

RIYL: early Norwegian black metal, The Terminator, Mayhem, Napalm Death, Bathory


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