The Traps – “Boom Pow Awesome Wow”

The Traps - Boom Pow Awesome Wow

Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 28 January 2014

A release straight from the vaults, and from whom could it be? I’ll give you a few hints: The Traps play fuzzed out, amped-up garage rock with a capital “g,” and Boom Pow Awesome Wow is off a label synonymous with ‘Medieval Fortress Visage.’ Here’s the story, morning glory: The Traps were a band out of providence, RI, only active from 2003-2004. They played simple no-fucks-given three-chord tracks with the amps set to 11. They had no releases other than an EP and four rehearsal tracks committed to tape (produced by John Dwyer), so their entire discography is here on just ten tracks. The production is rough. Really rough. Like it was recorded on a potato. Although not a live set, it sure sounds like one. I can’t understand a damn thing they’re singing, so maybe you’ll be better at that than me. There’s studio chatter in the rehearsal tracks; it’s always cool to be reminded the band you’re listening to is real people. This will appeal to fans of live sets and the rawest, lowest-fi garage rock.

Great for morning shows, maybe even punk shows. Out on Castle Face.

All clean (from what I can hear…)! Cuts are in bold.

1. Boom Pow Awesome Wow – (2:21)
2. All Night – (2:16)

3. Mr. H – (2:24)
4. Missed the Mark – (2:42)
5. Illinois – (2:27)
6. Get Up – (6:23)
7. Busalo – (1:48)
8. I Can’t Handle That – (2:41)
9. How Long? – (2:39)
10. Beer Piñata – (3:39)

RIYL: The Gories, The Can’t Tells, Off!, Coachwhips, Hawk Fight!

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