Ted Sirota & The Scientist – “Heavyweight Dub”

Ted Sirota - Heavyweight Dub

Tag: Medium

Release date: 20 September 2013

Ted Sirota is a Chicago bandleader and jazz drummer whose love of Jamaican music inspired the creation of the Heavyweight Dub band. He sought out the production experience and engineering of Hopeton O. Brown, also known as The Scientist, whose 35-year long career has earned him the moniker “dub champion of the world.”  The Scientist plays with gated reverb and echo chamber effects, especially in Sirota’s percussion and the noticeable delay on the brass instruments. The lackadaisical, slow-bouncing rhythms mixed with major/minor melodies are characteristic of The Scientist’s dub releases. Sirota mixes the start-stop guitar popular in reggae with fusion keyboard effects and a roots-based rhythm section. The classical jazz elements sharply stand out; of note are Cameron Pfiffner’s tenor sax, Matthew Davis’s trombone, and Marquis Hill’s trumpet. There are pronounced early ska textures, as this is big band dub. Various guest vocalists present anti-establishment lyrics in a half-sung/half-spoken flow. Ted Sirota and The Scientist serve up a fresh outlook on new and old school dub here on Heavyweight Dub. Fun fact: the funds for this collaboration were raised via Bandcamp!

Great for reggae shows and morning shows; a few tracks can be played on jazz shows. Out on Liberated Zone Records.

Cuts are in bold! Asterisks mean the tracks are good for jazz shows. There is a no-play: #7.

1. Scientific Strut – (7:21)
2. House on the Rock – (4:14)
3. Jackie-Me-Too! – (5:20)
*4. Stop and Frisk (The New Jim Crow) – (4:53)

5. Killa Dilla – (4:09)
*6. This Is a Takeover – (5:11)
7. Saro-Wiwa – (5:03)
8. Yanira – (3:49)
9. Give a Little Love – (4:10)

*10. Tubby – (5:19)
11. The Struggle – (5:04)
*12. Geronimo’s Free – (4:59)

13. Baltimore – (4:22)
14. Yanira Dub – (3:49)

RIYL: Sly Dunbar, Trojan Records, Rebel Souls, Horace Andy, Mars Williams, The Scientist, The Lions

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