Sea Bastard – “Sea Bastard”


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 31 October 2012

Sea Bastard is a doom metal four-piece from Brighton, UK, who released their self-titled debut full-length in 2012. Sea Bastard’s modis operandi lies in long, drawn-out epic sludge-inspired songs with crushing instrumentals. The stoner metal drop-tuned guitars are reminiscent of Dopesmoker by Sleep and a slower Blues for the Red Sun by Kyuss. The visceral screams and low death metal growls by frontman Ian Montgomery have more in common with sludge than doom. Sea Bastard is a refreshing band; rather than rely on soaring ballads and ambiance (as with traditional doom), Sea Bastard beats you down with a technical intensity that lends credence to the phrase “extreme metal.” This debut is hostile and vitriolic; Sea Bastard rages against the heavens. The extremely slow tempos match crunching (and occasionally shredding!) guitars with long feedback-induced instrumental passages. Is that a Black Sabbath reference on “Masters of Unreality”? I dig it.

Perfect for metal shows. Skip for morning shows. It’s self-released.

Have fun! Cuts are in bold. There is a no-play: #4.

1. Smashed by Sunlight – (12:02)
2. Ramesses’ Revenge – (10:38)
3. Psychic Funeral – (13:13)
4. Sea Bastard – (11:16)
5. Masters of Unreality – (16:35)

RIYL: Graves at Sea, Sleep, Kyuss, Ur, Burning Witch, Pelican, Lord Dying

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