Hobo Cubes – “Apex Ideals”

Hobo Cubes - Apex Ideals

Tag: Medium

Release date: 11 February 2014

Apex Ideals is the newest release by Montreal experimental musician Francesco de Gallo, who releases under the moniker Hobo Cubes. Apex Ideals is atmospheric music made from time-stretched electronic samples that bring out the natural yet oft-missed eccentricities and idiosyncrasies of recorded sound. Stuttering beats drift in and out of the mix, and the amplification of what would typically be lost in production disestablishes the boundaries between concrete form and the amorphous nebula of sound. Formless, hazy drone permeates over subtle backings. Field recordings and static cohesively blend together into a mind-expanding whole. The immaculate production complements the glitchy syntax and wide range of audio frequencies. The shapeless, heavily chopped and screwed vocalizations on “Structures in Stasis” and “Unit” add a human element that recognizes the organic willpower responsible for revealing tonality and music from underneath the obfuscating milieu of ordinary existence. Apex Ideals shows the power that the human mind has in creating not only art, but the world around us.

Perfect for experimental music shows. Out on Debacle Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Structures in Stasis – (4:55)
2. Fluidity – (3:14)

3. Subtle Sleep – (5:20)
4. Escape – (3:02)
5. Infatuation – (5:30)

6. Unit – (2:54)
7. Restless – (2:28)
8. Synchronicity – (3:00)
9. What Seemed to Be Nothing – (5:35)

RIYL: Stave, The Meets, Stygian Stride, Burial

*Shout-out to Debacle Records for providing me with a promo copy! Thanks, guys!

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