Haiqiong Deng – “Mountain. Water. Sentiments.: Traditional Chinese Zheng Masterpieces”

Haiqiong Deng - Mountain Water Sentiments

Tag: Heavy

Release date: 14 August 2013

Haiqiong Deng (pronounced: “hi-shong deng”) is a world-renowned Chinese zheng player and the director of the Chinese Music Ensemble at the Florida State Uniersity, from which she holds degrees in Arts Administration and Ethnomusicology. Mountain. Water. Sentiments: Traditional Chinese Zheng Masterpieces contains 14 tracks from various historical periods, schools of composition, and folk melodies. The zheng is a plucked zither with 18 to 21 strings and bridges that rose in prominence during the Qin dynasty, and it is one of the most familiar examples of Chinese classical instruments in the world. According to Haiqiong, mastering the zheng involves cultivation of “sentiment, tone quality, and rhythmic vitality” to evoke a “spiritual atmosphere” rather than pursuance of sheer virtuosity. Mountain. Water. Sentiments. is tranquil, like watching a ballet dancer in a river. Tracks such as “Raindrops at Night by the Window” paint enriching soundscapes of everyday life. Haiqiong is a master of emotive control through her instrument, as demonstrated in the pastoral “Fishermen Singing at Dusk” and the barely restrained “Tears of Empress Xiang.” This is soul-cleansing music and a testament to the immediacy and relevancy of the zheng.

Awesome for world music shows. Self-released.

All clean, and all beautiful. Cuts are reviewer’s favorites!

1. Water Flowing from a Spring Valley – (3:39)
2. Lotus – (5:14)
3. GuangLing Melody – (4:46)
4. Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace – (5:43)
5. Raindrops at Night by the Window – (4:34)
6. High Mountain, Flowing Water I – (6:30)
7. High Mountain, Flowing Water II – (4:27)
8. High Mountain, Flowing Water III – (2:49)

9. Fishermen Singing at Dusk – (4:46)
10. Mi Hu Tune – (7:27)

11. Ravens Frolic in the Wintry Water – (5:16)
12. Tears of Empress Xiang – (3:43)
13. Lady Chen’s Marriage to the King of Turk – (5:09)
14. Best Wishes – (6:16)

RIYL: life

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