Bigtree Bonsai – “Awoken”

Bigtree Bonsai - Awoken

Tag: Heavy

Release date: 10 December 2013

Bigtree Bonsai are an Americana/alt-country five-piece from Minneapolis, MN who play self-described “whiskey rock” on their debut full-length Awoken. The album is full of feel-good songs on personal anecdotes about struggles and pushing through even when it’s rough. The nostalgic “Rolling’ Down the Road” features evocative imagery of driving through mountains and forests on the way to visit an old hometown in which you don’t really belong, but that’s okay. Cello, violin, and piano provide emotional backing to the nasal Midwestern folk harmonization by Bigtree Bonsai’s four singers. A buoyant, heartwarming feeling permeates the entire release; even if the lyrics ruminate on hardships, there’s still hope for the downtrodden. From the fast-rolling “Let’s Fall” to the heartwarming “There’s No One Else, Except All of Us” to the ebullient “Back on Your Feet;” Bigtree Bonsai show that there’s life to be had even in the darkest of moments.

Great for morning shows and folk rock/Americana shows. It’s self-released.

Cuts are in bold! There is a no-play: #9.

1. Awoken – (2:26)
2. Wayside – (3:08)
3. Back on Your Feet – (3:35)
4. Rollin’ Down the Road – (3:57)

5. All That You Want – (2:40)
6. For You – (3:45)
7. Where It Grows – (3:48)
8. Let’s Fall – (2:43)
9. There’s No One Else, Except All of Us – (3:54)
10. Shine a Light – (3:23)

RIYL: Delta Spirit, Campfire OK, Dawes, Big Tree, My Morning Jacket

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