Mesa Cosa – “Infernal Cakewalk” [EP]


Tag: Medium

Release date: 1 March 2012

Mesa Cosa play angular Mexican-Australian post-hardcore on their EP Infernal Cakewalk. Mesa Cosa are tenaciously energetic, playing a brash mix of Mexican culturally influenced material with the harsh edge of lo-fi, feedback-induced rock. The distorted, muffled vocals are complemented by snide, intoxicated guitar licks in slapdash melodies that bring to mind East Bay Ray of Dead Kennedys or a haphazard Mick Jones. Infernal Cakewalk is a sloppy mess of good times, falling apart and reforming in galvanic, sweeping song structures with a crass edge demonstrated by the tongue-in-cheek album title. A horn section akin to that of a narcocorrido or banda group provides backing, as seen in most prominently in “Hijo del Mal,” “Diablo,” and “Monstro del Mar.” Plug in these guys for a good time.

Great for morning shows, maybe even Latin music shows? It’s self-released.

Cuts are in bold! There are no-plays: #2, #4.

1. 666 – (2:50)
2. Shoplifter – (2:32)
3. Frozen Eyes  – (2:21)
4. Los Perros – (3:54)
5. Day of the Dead – (3:52)
6. Hijo del Mal – (2:01)
7. Diablo – (6:43)

8. Monstro del Mar – (2:40)
9. Chupacabra – (2:07)
10. Alcatraz – (3:43)

RIYL: Like Like The The The Death, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys

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