David Weiss/Endangered Species – “Endangered Species: The Music of Wayne Shorter Live! at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola”

Endangered Species - Endangered Species, the Music of Wayne Shorter

Tag: Medium

Release date: 13 August 2013

Led by NYC jazz trumpeter and bandleader David Weiss, the Endangered Species band plays the music of Grammy-award winning saxophonist Wayne Shorter on Endangered Species: The Music of Wayne Shorter Live! at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola. Shorter was a contemporary of Miles Davis, playing in his Second Great Quintet, and a founding member of Weather Report; his compositions have since become standards in the jazz world. The members of the Endangered Species 12-piece include Ravi Coltrane, Geri Allen, twins Marcus and E.J. Strickland, and Tim Green. This album is a recording of the band’s April 27th, 2012 show at Lincoln Center. This is all big band jazz with hard bop and modal influences. Shorter’s compositions, written for smaller groups, are enhanced for Weiss’s 12-piece. The musicianship is striking, standouts being the amazingly proficient saxophone, piano, and drum solos on “Nellie Bly;” the cinematic trumpet lead on “Fall” (composed by Shorter for Miles Davis’s 1968 album Nerfertiti); and “The Turning Gate,” the sole Weiss composition, an apt exercise in counterpoint between Allen’s piano and Marcus Strickland’s soprano sax. Shorter’s compositions are full of emotion; like Davis and John Coltrane, Shorter proved that jazz can appeal to pathos and escape the stereotype of onanistic technical formality. The recording quality is immaculate, especially for a live set. This is jazz fit for standards workshops, classy dates, and the next remake of Ocean’s Eleven.

Great for morning shows and jazz shows. Out on Motéma Music.

All clean! All lovely! Cuts are in bold!

1. Nellie Bly – (9:49)
2. Fall – (14:29) [especially 7:52-14:29]
3. Mr. Jin – (8:44)
4. The Turning Gate – (11:06)
5. Eva – (8:45)
6. Prometheus Unbound – (14:50) [especially 0:00-3:15 and 4:30-9:54]

RIYL: Dave Brubeck; Birth of the Cool, Nefertiti, and Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis; Weather Report; The Cookers

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