Infinite Religions – “Duality”


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 21 January 2014

Electronic music and conceptual artist Neal Calvin Peterson released his work Duality under the moniker Infinite Religions. Duality is a form of gestalt music, where two or more dissimilar tracks (“Life” and “Death”) create a fully integrated piece when simultaneously played (“Duality”). The entire project was funded through Kickstarter, and is reminiscent of a small-scale Zaireeka by The Flaming Lips. In “Duality,” Peterson sings in a nasally tenor as light piano-led major-key melodies gently lead into downtempo indie pop against steady drum machine beats. “Life” has conventional electronic rock textures; “Death” is glitchy and features use of white noise. While not as effective as Zaireeka (Duality begs for a full-length exposition), it is enjoyable, contemplative late-night music.

Skip for morning shows. It’s self-released.

1. Life – (3:46)
2. Death – (3:46)
3. Duality – (3:46)

RIYL: Thom Yorke, Multiplex, Super Sprite, múm

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