Death Grips – “Government Plates”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 13 November 2013

Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips’s third official full-length Government Plates is as ferocious and frenzied as ever. Released on the Internet for free, Government Plates is an insatiably manic journey through feverish, overstimulated electronica and dark, menacing backbeats. MC Ride’s trademark deranged rapping is present in spitfire form and chopped-and-screwed vocal samples. Government Plates portends a disturbing, highly twisted/perverted sexuality (e.g. “Anne Bonny”). It’s obsessive and vulgar, but not rapacious; Death Grips are absolute masters in translating aggression without endangering the listener. The hyper, danceable electronic backing has more in common with rave culture than hip-hop; some tracks are nigh-instrumental (e.g. “Feels Like a Wheel” and “Government Plates”). It’s surprisingly downtempo at a few points, before instantly flipping back into ricocheting slam-downs. The album is glitch and dubstep-inspired in a style akin to current Ninja Tune/Big Dada releases, as seen in the vibrating bass on “Birds” and prolonged, low-bpm drop on “Whatever I Want.” The paranoia is palpable: Government Plates could be the soundtrack to a hellish Tron-esque world or a remake of Videodrome. Listen for a good time.

Great for morning shows, Friday/Saturday Night Parties, and hip-hop shows. It’s out on Third World.

All of these are no-plays. Clean them up before putting them on-air. But they’re all awesome! Cuts in bold!

1. You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for – It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat – (2:41)
2. Anne Bonny – (3:27)
3 .Two Heavens – (3:02)
4. This Is Violence Now (Don’t Get Me Wrong) – (2:37)
5. Birds – (4:37)
6. Feels Like a Wheel – (2:21)
7. I’m Overflow – (3:09)
8. Big House – (2:18)
9. Government Plates – (2:42)

10. Bootleg (Don’t Need Your Help) – (2:06)
11. What I Want (F*** Who’s Watching) – (6:37)

RIYL: A$ap Rocky, P.O.S., Ninja Tune/Big Dada Records, Rifts by Oneohtrix Point Never, The Glitch Mob

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