The History of Apple Pie – “Out of View”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 28 January 2013

Shoegaze isn’t dead, and if the release of mbv doesn’t prove that, then London group The History of Apple Pie’s debut full-length Out of View will. It’s led by the songwriting/romantic pair of guitarist/singer Stephanie Min and lead guitarist Jerome Watson. The swirling Kevin Shields tremolo and wall of sound production is all there. Tracks end in electronic interludes to the next song, like on Loveless. Min’s vocals evanesce into the mix with the airiness of Belinda Butcher, and bassist Kelly Owens’ choral-effect harmonization evokes Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson from Lush. The History of Apple Pie merges classic British alt-rock with American indie through the inelegant, closely personal lyrics and prominent, sharp-edged guitar solos. Britpop is a major influence: the drums from “Before You Reach the End” are straight out of Oasis’s “Live Forever,” and they begin after a similar introduction. The production is immaculate, although not as tight as their 90s predecessors; Out of View occasionally sacrifices atmosphere and tonal quality for loudness. The bass is extremely powerful, and each song is quite fun and danceable in the classic British way. Recommended for the love-drunk and fans of 90s British rock music.

Great for Caffeine. Out on Marshall Teller Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold. Play it loud.

1. Tug – (4:45)
2. See You – (4:38)
3. Mallory – (4:11)

4. The Warrior – (3:38)
5. Glitch – (3:37)
6. You’re So Cool – (3:21)
7. I Want More – (5:25)
8. Do It Wrong – (2:46)
9. Long Way to Go – (4:21)
10. Before You Reach the End – (6:08)

RIYL: Slowdive, Lush, Male Bonding, My Bloody Valentine, Yuck, Blur

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