Like Like The The The Death – “Cave Jenny”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 12 November 2013

Cave Jenny is the second full-length release by Milwaukee, WI four-piece Like Like The The The Death. They play boisterous post-punk that trades blistering bursts of intensity with catchy, melodic hooks. Kyle Scheuer and Anthony Weber spout nonsensical lyrics out of a psychotic self-help book or diary of a conspiracy theorist’s disintegrating mental decline. Michael Marchant’s hooks are manic, and the overall musical quality is unhinged. The distorted riffs are incessant and crazy-as-fuck. The production has an in-your-face immediacy with a noise factor. Dan Hanke’s percussion has a slight mathy quality, which adds an extra layer of cacophony to the ceaseless frenzy. It’s quite varied, too: “Here Comes Irregular” and “Porch Gold” have a major indie anthem vibe, while “Tyrant Science” and “Huck” are straight-up post-hardcore. While noisy and dissonant, Like Like The The The Death does not value harshness at the expense of clever songwriting. The discordancy is of the perfect amount to make Cave Jenny a collectively integrated mess about losing it all without losing it all.

Yes for morning shows and a more abrasive play for punk shows. Out on Latest Flame.

Cuts are in bold! There are no-plays: #2, #7, #11.

1. Here Comes Irregular – (2:05)
2. Cropsies – (3:26)
3. Cry Tag – (4:41)
4. Hypnic Jerk – (2:46)
5. Tyrant Science – (2:56)
6. Porch Gold – (2:22)
7. Night of a Hundred Wounds – (2:23)
8. Paralyzer – (3:34)
9. Huck – (3:28)

10. Salt on Assault – (3:01)
11. Very Important Fun Person – (4:16)

RIYL: Les Savy Fav, One of Us Is the Killer by Dillinger Escape Plan, Defeater

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