Lucy Bland – “The Ruiner”


Tag: Stick-to-the-cuts

Release date: 29 October 2013

Lucy Bland is an indie pop/electronic group out of the Pacific Northwest. Their sophomore full-length, The Ruiner, has a glitchy, gentle New Wave approach similar to the downtempo feel of The Postal Service. Vocalist Cat Biell’s twee, light singing gives the image of a bright-eyed girl in love with the world who won’t let the Seattle rain get her down. The plugged-in acoustic guitar is cute, and there’s a beautiful violin backing many songs. The bass and percussion are occasionally overpowering and don’t allow the other instruments to speak for themselves. Where The Postal Service’s layering complimented their emotional desperation, Lucy Bland’s compositions are cluttered, as if there’s too much stuffed inside Cat’s 12th floor studio apartment that just doesn’t make sense right now. There are two instrumental tracks at the middle and end. The second half of the album is substantially stronger, with the instruments more plaintive and Lucy Bland’s overall demeanor more genuine. These are pretty, introspective outlooks on a 20-something’s life in the city, holding onto the dreams they aren’t afraid to have.

It’s self-released.

Cuts are in bold. Asterisks are morning show-appropriate.

*1. Skyscraper – (3:38)
*2. Ragtag – (3:41)
3. Through the Dark – (6:56)
4. Memory – (4:35)
*5. One Way – (3:34)

6. The Return – (2:25)
*7. Out of the Sound – (4:18)
*8. Bender – (4:31)
*9. Waiting – (4:47)
*10. Backseat – (5:30)
*11. Capricorn – (3:24)
12. Long Distance – (5:27)

RIYL: Feist, You Don’t Need Darkness to Do What You Think Is Right compilation, The Postal Service, The Gentle Waves, Haim

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