The Last – “Danger”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 5 November 2013

The Last play classic SoCal punk rock on their first album in 17 years, Danger. Intermittently active since 1976, The Last were one of the first punk bands to appear in the LA South Bay area, along with Panic (later known as Black Flag) and the Descendents. They have a distinctly melodic approach to punk, with a heavy focus on harmonization by brothers Mike and Joe Nolte. Bill Stevenson plays a straightforward drum set, and his fellow Descendent/ALL member Karl Alvarez plays paunchy, audible fingerstyle bass. The tracks are quite instrumentally varied, with the baritone half-singing/half-shouting that’s only pulled off by California punks.  Is that a Morrissey vibe on “I Don’t Know What to Say”? Huh. The Last are more introspective than their LA contemporaries. Rather than politically and socially-charged subject matter, The Last focus on hardships in relationships and the difficulties of being true to oneself. There’s none of the adroit silliness on, say, Milo Goes to College.  Some tracks fall into man-coming-to-the-rescue/why-don’t-you-love-me-I’m-a-nice-guy syndrome. The Last serve up some great California punk on Danger; hopefully the wait will be less for their next release.

Play on morning shows and punk shows. Out on End Sounds.

Cuts are in bold! No-play: #2.

1. I Know – (1:37)
2. Red Hair – (2:27)
3. Unreal Love – (2:29)
4. I Don’t Know What to Say – (2:33)
5. I’m Not Crazy – (2:35)

6. Go Away Sunday – (2:07)
7. Look Again – (4:59)
8. When That I Am Dead – (2:21)

9. Take Care of Her – (3:59)
10. She Knows Just What to Do – (2:48)
11. Anybody Else – (2:32)
12. Danger – (3:32)
13. Difference – (4:35)
14. Faces in Your Eyes – (2:41)

RIYL: Bad Religion, Descendents, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, ALL, OFF!, The Bangles

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